First Aid At Work Qualification In West Midlands

Reacting to a situation and knowing what to do without thinking about it is one of the most important attributes for an assigned first aider at work. You will be tasked with appointing a certain number of qualified first aiders in your workplace depending on the number of staff you have. To ensure that you have confident and competent staff members who possess these important characteristics, it is important that you find a professional training team.

Our work at Eden Custom Training is ideal for employers looking to stay within the regulations and employees who want to know more about their responsibilities as a first aider. We have been providing first aid at work qualifications across West Midlands for a number of years to help upgrade and improve the standard of first aid for workplaces of various types and across many different sectors.

Why choose Eden Custom Training for our first aid at work qualification in West Midlands?

We have been working closely with employers to provide the best training courses for their staff for a number of years. Our full range of first aid courses at work span requalification, emergency first aid at work (EFAW) and First Aid at Work courses. Each of these comes with an accredited qualification by RQF (Regulated Qualifications Framework).

To discover more about our first aid courses for workplaces in the West Midlands, get in contact with us today.