In-House QCF Accredited Level 1 Fire Safety Award

A rare occurrence in any workplace regardless of the sector or business, fires must be dealt with by protocols and defended against by safe staff practices. At Eden Custom Training we work hard to ensure that our courses are perfect for employees and employers looking to improve their safety.

The importance of earning a fire safety award

Our half-day Fire Safety Level 1 courses are run and accredited by QCF – a leading qualification company in the UK – and are vital for the safe running of any business. By having a team who have the expert knowledge needed to recognise when a fire is likely, what to do in an event of a fire and understand what an effective fire risk assessment for any workplace is, you will have assurances for the safety of your business.

This is vital for employers as it fulfils their duty to have all staff trained in basic fire safety awareness training, something our in-house courses cover at Eden Custom Training.

What is involved in the Level 1 Fire Safety award?

Our course at Level 1 is to provide an overall and all-encompassing view of fire safety in the workplace. Your staff will learn basic fire safety, what to do when an emergency happens, the principles of fire risk control and what practical fire safety looks like each day in your workplace.

To enrol your staff on our in-house Level 1 Fire Safety Award by QCF, book up your spaces today.