Why Choose Our Fire Marshal Courses In Birmingham As An Employer Or Employee

An assigned fire marshal has a big responsibility in the case of a fire or alarm. There will not be many occasions when this happens, but it is vital that when the time does arise that your workplace can call upon a trusted and fully-trained individual to organise the emergency departure from your building, office or workplace. At Eden Custom Training we have become a leading provider of in-house fire marshal courses in Birmingham that are ideal for both employers and employees.

How our fire marshal courses can help you as an employer?

It is a requirement for your workplace to have an assigned fire marshal who can act as the leader in a fire emergency situation. Our courses give you the chance to improve your whole workplace’s agility to potentially dangerous situations. Depending on your workplace and how many employees you have under your control, you will at least one assigned fire marshal who can react and organise accordingly.

How our fire marshal courses can help you as an employee?

A great addition to any CV and an ideal way to learn about the responsibilities of not only yourself in an emergency but others, our courses are ideal for individuals and employees. Whether or not you want to become an assigned fire marshal in your role, or you want to learn more and have this skill in your armoury, choose Eden Custom Training.

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