Workplace First Aid Training In Birmingham

Once a year it is required and recommended that you refresh your First Aid skills in the workplace. It is not that many things could have changed in this time, but that not putting your training into practice can cause you to forget important elements which is also known as skill fade. At Eden Custom Training we are a leading provider of workplace first aid training in Birmingham that can offer you the most up to date and relevant information on your responsibilities.

Workplace first aid covers everything that can occur in almost any place of work and has become a vital qualification for employers to look for. By booking one of our in-house courses at Eden Custom Training you can improve and upgrade your staff’s readiness and preparedness for an emergency or injury in your workplace.

What’s involved in our annual workplace first aid training in Birmingham?

Our in-house refresher first aid training courses are ideal for those who have a genuine responsibility in the workplace – whether assigned or voluntary – and are looking to improve, retain and develop their skills. As such, each learner will understand how to manage unresponsive casualties, unresponsive casualties not breathing normally, a wounded casualty and a casualty in a state of shock.

We work with companies large and small across Birmingham to ensure their staff have up to date information and confidence to perform their role. To find out more about our work at Eden Custom Training, speak with us today.